Decisions leading to undesired outcomes (financial, human, political, reputation) are all too common. Unfortunately, it is also common that the parties that both made these decisions or were impacted by these undesired outcomes viewed them as unexpected when they occurred. Even worse, because they were unexpected they were unprepared for their occurrence further magnifying the extent and the impact to the individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Decisions are made from planning through design and operation; and by enabling these decisions to be informed by and predicated on a deliberate and proactive identification and assessment of hazards and risks increases the probability of success. 
RAIDE is focused on improving how assessment and evaluation of risks are optimally incorporated into the decision processes that maximizes the utility and success of all activities ranging from planning to design through mature operations.

To achieve this goal, it is critical to identify, assess, and mitigate risks in a on-going process so that the ultimate level of residual risk is appropriate and understood by all stakeholders involved. This goal can only be accomplished through timely, clear, and appropriate internal and external communication that results in risk assessment-informed decisions that are proactively well engineered.